About Us

PEMBA INC was started by Patricia and P. Michael Smith in July of 1997. Our team has a mix of skills and talents to help you with your project.

Patricia has over 25 years of automation experience, 10 years of electrical engineering, has been involved in the Lighting Industry since 1994, is a member of the American Lighting Society and a member of the IEEE. Patricia holds a bachelor of science in computer science and an MBA. Patricia's strengths include Lighting Design, architectural lighting, and lighting control solutions.

Michael has 30 years of Electrical Engineering experience, is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), is a degreed and registered Professional Engineer and has an MBA.

Ray Milligan joined the PEMBA team in 2004 to strengthen PEMBA's audio-video integration capabilities. Ray has 23 years of electronics and audio video experience and holds an electronics degree.

Nicole Sciacca joined PEMBA to help handle the lighting control and commercial projects. Nicole is an electrical engineer with experience in commercial lighting design and controls projects and electrical design. Nicole's strength is project management and customer communications. Nicole has been with us since 2007.

Becky Neeb started with PEMBA in 2003 after using her visual artistic talents in photography. Becky seeks to understand theme and lifestyle and helps clients select the appropriate light fixtures to enhance the design. Becky manages the lighting showroom and her strength is her ability to visualize how decorative lighting fits within a home or building.

Durell Meredith has been in lighting and electrical for over 25 years. Durell handles electrical counter sales and helps electrical contractors to select the correct electrical parts.

Irma Manale is the decorative lighting associate who delights in guiding customers to select light fixtures and accessories to completely furnish a home or building.

Zack Fradella joined PEMBA in 2007 and handles all materials and stock management. Zack is familiar with product including lamp technology.

Carrie Gulizo joined PEMBA in 2007, and handles sales in our decorative lighting showroom.

Kathy Claassen joined PEMBA in 2009 and handles accounting functions.

PEMBA is 1) a lighting and electrical distributor with a lighting showroom in Belle Chasse 2) an Engineering Design Firm. So if you need us to help design your project or just need product give us a call or stop by our show room.

We want our work to SHINE and we want you to be pleased with the end product.

PEMBA is a licensed professional engineering firm we can handle the complete electrical design and stamp your plans.


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