Landscape Lighting

PEMBA is a stocking distributor for landscape lighting and displays fixtures in our showroom. We sell to the general public as well as wholesale to landscape installers.

The right landscape lighting can add great value to your home. The key to landscape lighting is to look at the big picture and develop a picture enhanced by light. As if you were going to paint the home on a canvas, you would lighten or darken areas and objects to add depth, texture, and interest to your subject. While landscape lighting brightens area to increase the safety and security, the right lighting will also enhance your home and garden.

PEMBA uses a variety of landscape light fixture lines to fit any design requirement and provide some budget options. Light should be focused on and enhance objects. We avoid using light fixtures which merely light and detracts from the home.

PEMBA designs the landscape lighting layout, specifies and sells the fixtures, and manages the installation. We work with landscape architects, landscape installers and electricians to pull together and implement a complete landscape project. Call to discuss how we can light your home.

We stock and display Kichler landscape lighting in our showroom. We now stock and sell Kichler's LED landscape fixtures as they now make LED fixtures which provide quality landscape lighting with virtually NO MAINTENANCE.


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